Conscious aging community

 Rocha - Uruguay


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Sierras de los Rocha


our vision

As part of a community/eco-neighborhood we feel the longing to create a space with two main intentions: a center for conscious aging, where we can practice rites of passage, creative human development events to support humanity in maturing and integrating their lives as they grow; and a community where the inhabitants are Elders,

a place to honor and encourage conscious eldering and multigenerational events. 

We long to return elders their place in society and our community. We believe that Elders have a very important role, supporting, sharing legacy and rooting. The vision continues to develop as we get nurturing support from other centers and institutes focused in rites of passage and conscious eldering around the world.

the land of manifestation

We are in process of getting funds to get  land and looking for the land to plant the community in

the Sierras de Rocha, Uruguay


(this location is the area around where we want to plant the community, not the actual location)

how can i learn more about our project and support it

If you wish to know more about the community in process of creation you can write to the email below with subject Conscious Aging Community and we will be happy to answer and also receive feedback, inspiring ideas.
If you wish to support us with funds, you can send donations via Paypal with subject Conscious Aging Community


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